ForeSight Is About

Community Eyecare & Optical Services Service Delivery To Our Rural Citizens

Our community is our wealth.

What Makes Us Different?

Foresight is about community eyecare delivery by bridging the gap between optometrists and rural community eye care.

We collaborate with established eye clinics to reduce constraints in reaching rural communities.

Our model is at the intersection of the traditional primary eyecare provider and not-for-profit making organization. 

Our Mission

To collaborate with optometrists, eyecare specialists, individuals to enable community eye care. Our focus is particularly on the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Our Vision

To expand enhanced eye health and eliminate avoidable blindness in the Nigerian rural communities through community eye care services.

Billion people Need glasses to see

million have diabetic retinopathy

billion cant access eyecare


Over a billion people in the world have poor vision because they cannot access eyeglasses. Of every 4 individuals with impaired vision, 3 of them are completely avoidable

What We Offer

Community eyecare, eye health awareness campaigns, and optical services to help empower our rural Nigerian communities

Community Eyecare

We help improve performance and optimal daily living.

Eye Health Advocacy

Information empowerment to enhance eye health.

Optical Services

Providing opticals that are functional beyond beauty.

Empower Your Community With Vision Care.